National Holistic Pet Day

By Dr.Jeannie on Aug 30, 2010 in Dog News The Latest Poop, Featured

How cool is this? I never in my wildest dreams thought that there would ever be a national day to celebrate and focus on holistic pet care – we’ve come a long way baby!

National Holistic Pet Day was founded by Colleen Paige of Animal Miracle Foundation. When asked what sparked the designating of this wonderful little holiday, Colleen replied: “I want people to understand that with the already short life spans our pets have, they need a fighting chance these days to live as long as they were meant to. Pet owners really need to start looking at their pet’s diet, lifestyle and environment. I want to ensure that I have done my best to bring about public awareness of the need for a healthy lifestyle with our pets. I don’t blame myself for Tinkerbelle’s death, but now that she has died from cancer – I know I could have done better. I don’t want anyone else to have to feel how I feel…wondering if I could have prevented it.”

Holistic/Natural health is all about HEALTH, not disease – it is a preventative life style that embraces the WHOLE animal .

For those of you who are still not sure what “holistic health” means, it is a wellness approach that addresses the “whole” animal – body, mind and spirit or the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual aspects of an individual. Hopefully this is a lifestyle you will embrace with your pet before there are any signs of illness or disease – it truly is a way of life that prevents disease in the first place. Instead of focusing on the symptom or the dis-ease and trying to suppress the symptoms, the root cause of the disease found out and then eliminated by the bodies own immune system with the support of natural modalities such as a raw diet, proper exercise, the elimination of toxins in, on and around the pet and when needed – herbs, essential oils, etc.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of “holistic health” – a proper species appropriate diet and how it effects the body in turn effects the mind as well. If you do nothing more than get your dog off of processed, kibble and/or canned food; that is a great way to begin your journey into holistic health for your beloved pet!

If you would like some suggestions and support on improving your dog’s diet and overall health, you can set up a consultation with Dr. Jeannie HERE

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