Meet Katie, the KLN Family Brands Store Manager

Katie is the store manager at the new KLN Family Brands outlet store in Albertville, Minnesota. Under this one roof, KLN products are beautifully displayed and at bargain prices. Katie said, “The customers recognize their favorite products but did not ever realize they are all KLN Family Brand products.” As in this picture, Nutrisource dog food and pet food items ranging from small to large bags are displayed in the back of the store but we walked in seeing the beautiful candy coated outback beans on the right with the Nuthead chocolate covered candies and potato chips on the left. Right in the middle of the store are their amazing Vic’s popcorn, Barrel O’Fun chips and even dips! Check this place out! Mary and Katie are friendly, kind and might even give you a free sample. Email through for more information including gift baskets.


10 thoughts on “Meet Katie, the KLN Family Brands Store Manager

    1. Ryan,

      Yes we do have Pure Vita available at the Outlet store!!! Stop in and check it out!

      NutriSource Pet Foods

  1. If you’re selling Nutri Source dog food at the outlet mall, is it different from the dog food I’d buy at a pet store? My dog eats your senior formula kibble. Thanks.

    1. Shelley,

      The food we have at the outlet mall is the same that you would find at your local retailer! We do strongly urge our customers to purchase from their local retailer! We use our outlet mall for customer showcase of all our KLN products in hope that they will continue to buy it at their local retailer!


      NutriSource Pet Foods

  2. I have been using NutriSource dog food since I listened to Katie K9 on KSTP radio in Minneapolis as she started to recommend about 15 years ago. I got both my daughters feed it to their dogs. That’s 5 dogs. I have since moved to Neenah, WI and was pleased to find NutriSource here. However, merchants are stocking it less and less as I go from place to place to find a supply (1 daughter with 3 dogs lives here also). I heard from one merchant that you are not reimbursing him for dollars off coupons or 1 free with 12 promotions so he is not willing to stock any product. I don’t even see the 1 free with 12 on your website anymore. I am wondering if you are backing away from northeastern Wisconsin and the promotion. I would be very upset if I couldn’t get NutriSource here since our dogs love it. Please clarify the problems that seem to exist here and if I will continue having problems with pet food suppliers.

    1. Sue,

      We greatly appreciate the support, we honor all Frequent Buyer Programs (Buy 12 get the 13th bag Free) along with coupons. If you have any questions please contact our customer service department at 1-800-525-9155.

      NutriSource Pet Foods

  3. My almost 12 year old Golden Retriever loves your senior NutriSource kibble. The problem is that she eats it too fast and could use a larger kibble. Do any of your senior brands have a larger kibble size?

    1. Linda,

      Our Senior kibble is only available in the medium sized kibble. Our NutriSource Adult is almost the same formula the only difference is the fat percentage in Adult is 16% and in the Senior formula is 10%. The Adult Kibble is a litle bit bigger if you would like to give that a try?

      NutriSource Pet Foods

  4. I was with a large dog supply business and loved the frequent buyer program (I have 7 dogs). I am now supporting a small business and am the only NutriSource customer. How can I participate in the frequent buyer program as an individual?

    1. Michele,

      We greatly appreciate your support and thank you for your business. Have you asked your retailer about the Frequent Buyer Card? The only other thing you can do is find another retailer that offers the Frequent Buyer Card. We hope your current retailer will think about bringing in the Card for you as it’s no cost to them.

      NutriSource Pet Foods

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