How Can I Get NutriSource/Pure Vita/Natural Planet Delivered To Me?

Have you been buying our pet foods, NutriSource, Pure Vita or Natural Planet, kibble and cans online? Maybe a friend told you great things about our food and now you want to try it.


Perhaps you have heard that we will no longer be selling our food through the online company since the Pet Smart acquisition. Are you worried about where you can buy the food now?

First, know that we are sold in about 6,000 independent and family owned stores all over the country. Since we are a family owned company in Minnesota, manufacturing the dog and cat foods only in our own family plant, our focus has always been and continues to be partnering with independent pet specialty and family owned stores.

Second, you can easily find the closest stores near you, that sell our food.

Just go to our website directory page, put in your zip code and all the closest stores to you will pop up.

Here is the Dealer Directory.

We recommend that you call ahead to make sure the exact product you are looking for is in stock. Changes do occur in the stores and we don't want you to waste a trip and be frustrated. If the food is not there at the time, also, please remember to ask our retailers if they can special order a particular bag in for you. There is no charge to do this, and most every store is happy to do so – usually the food will be in the store in a weeks time.

Do you need to have your pet food delivered right to your door? We understand. Here is what to do.

shutterstock_259055843 Call those stores nearest to you on the directory.  Ask them two things.

1. Do they have their own online store? Many of them, knowing that e-commerce is just getting bigger due to the convenience, have or will be creating their own on-line stores for ordering and shipping.

2. Ask if they have home delivery? Many do or are currently beginning a program.

We ourselves are currently contacting all of our retailers so we can add this valuable information to our directory website. Stay tuned. We know how important it is that the directory be really useful to you.

In addition to supporting those family owned businesses, by purchasing directly through one of our authorized brick and mortar retailers, you will benefit from a knowledgeable trained staff, special promotions we may be running in the stores or use of our coupons we hand out at local pet expos and during pet food demos in the stores. Win, Win!

Another good reason to call those Ma and Pa stores next to you – ask for our free samples. I bet your pet would like some. shutterstock_96202397

There is a dollar off coupon on the back of each sample bag. We always provide our dealers with good sized, complimentary samples for your furry friends. Best way to find out how it will do in your kitty or pooch's tummy.

2 thoughts on “How Can I Get NutriSource/Pure Vita/Natural Planet Delivered To Me?

  1. Very disappointed that you won't let Chewy deliver your food anymore.Chewy has been WONDERFUL.  I wondered how long they could last against the giants and not surprised that they agreed to be bought out.  That said, this has not affected the service they provide me, which is top of the line, good old fashioned great service through any sort of communcation (web/email/phone — which I notice you do not have).

    Going back to Blue Buffalo.  Good luck with your dog food.  The breeder how gave me a 3 month supply speaks highly of it and my lab loves it, but if you don't like loyal customers getting a little bit of a discount for being so, I'm moving on.  Good luck and best wishes.

    1. Dear Ms. Ciarrochi, 

      We understand your disappointment and are sorry for the inconvenience that ending our partnership with Chewy has caused you. We had a great relationship with them – our decision was based on the fact that as our foods are not carried in the large box stores, such as Pet Smart, Petco, Wal-mart or Target, once  Pet Smart acquired Chewy”s we were obligated to end the arrangement to retain our original vision of partnering with independant and family owned companies.  We do support customers being able to save money and get discounts. This is why on all of our free sample bags there is a dollar off coupon and when we do demo’s in the stores that carry our foods and participate in local pet expos, we give away coupons that offer greater discounts. 


      NutriSource Pet Foods. 

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