Nutrisource Super Premium Pet Food  line was developed in January 2003 by Tuffy’s Pet Foods. Tuffy’s Pet Foods produces a variety of products, producing approximately 85,000 ton of pet foods per year. The flagship products are dry dog and cat food under the Tuffy’s Pet Foods label. Natural Planet Organic Dog Food was launched in the summer of 2007, followed by Natural Planet Organic Cat Food in January of 2008. Pure-Vita, pure and natural holistic dog food, was launched in July of 2008.

1947 – Darrell “Tuffy” Nelson started his business as a livestock and poultry feed manufacturer making Du-Mor Feeds. Tuffy also operated a hatchery at the same site in Perham, MN. The company later became known as Pine Lakes Feed Company.

1964 – “Tuffy” and his son, Kenny Nelson, developed a dog and cat food product called Tuffy’s. As pet food sales grew, livestock and poultry feed were discontinued. The hatchery was closed.

1971 – Tuffy sold the business to Star-Kist Foods. Star-Kist Foods was eventually sold to Heinz Pet Products. At this time, the plant in Perham was making the Tuffy’s dog and cat foods as well as 9-Lives Cat Food. Over 400 people worked at Tuffy’s during the early 70’s.

1996 – Windy Hill Pet Food purchased the Tuffy’s manufacturing facility and the Tuffy’s Pet Foods label. Windy Hill Pet Food merged with Doane Pet Care in 1998.

2001 – In 2001, Doane Pet Care made a decision to close the pet food factory in Perham. Kenny Nelson, the son of the original founder, purchased the plant and the Tuffy’s and Supreme pet food labels. Kenny’s son, Charlie Nelson, grandson of the original founder, is now the Vice President of Sales for Tuffy’s Pet Foods, bringing the company full circle.

Tuffy’s has more than 40 years of pet food manufacturing experience behind it. Tuffy’s Pet Foods has an excellent reputation for manufacturing high-quality products, and this is due, in no small part, to a specially-trained work force and management team, along with high quality customer service that comes with a family-owned business. Approximately 100 people are employed at the Perham plant.

Many of the ingredients used in making pet foods are purchased from local growers. Tuffy’s uses state-of-the-art equipment to develop and produce a carefully formulated product that provides sound nutrition backed by extensive research and quality testing. The Tuffy’s manufacturing plant in Perham, Minnesota, produces ONLY pet foods and the facility is the ONLY manufacturing facility that produces our branded products. This allows Tuffy’s to deliver a consistent, high-quality product.