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cat and dog playing

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Welcome to Raising Your Paws!

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Live More Happily Together by Knowing:
HOW your pets communicate.
WHY they behave the way they do.
WHAT to do in caring for the canine and feline members of your family.

Susan and her dog Rosy

Susan and Rosy

Latest Episode & Companion Blog Post

Stop Using a Bowl To Feed Your Cat. Here’s Why! (Blog #79)

Stop Using a Bowl To Feed Your Cat. Here’s Why! (Blog #79)

Your cat is built to use its muscles and mind to find it's meals. They are hunters by nature, quick, strong and clever. Left to hunt for their food, wild cats spend a good amount of time each day in pursuit of dinner.   Not so much for our pet cats. We call them to dinner, they run to the kitchen, and wait while we serve up their meal, munch, crunch and gobble a bit and then it's over. Maybe...

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