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100% “Earth Friendly” Compostably Packaging implemented by NutriSource

May 25, 2012 | Blog

Due to the great success we have enjoyed in our 100% compostable packaging in our Natural Planet Organics line, we have introduced this “earth friendly” Packaging to our NutriSource Pet Foods line!! Good for the environment & good for the Earth.  NutriSource Pet Foods is always looking to make the world a better place. Not only for our pets, but also for the earth as well!!  Please look for this new packaging and NEW bag design at your favorite independent Pet retailer today!!  “Same GREAT FOOD” INSIDE, with a “Fresh new look, environmentally friendly” OUTSIDE!!


  1. Tom Kelly

    Hello, with regards to your Pure Vita grain free bison flavored dry dog food, is this product baked or fried, or made via some other process? Thank you in advance for your reply.

    • NutriSource


      All of our Dry dog foods are neither baked or fried, they’re extruded.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions!

      NutriSource Pet Foods

    • Kitty

      Hello, with regards to your Pure Vita grain free bison flaoervd dry dog food, is this product baked or fried, or made via some other process? Thank you in advance for your reply.

  2. dell

    I just started feeding nutrisource grain free about 6 weeks ago to my 2 spoiled german shepherds. I love the results i am getting. My lean guy is starting to flesh out and my boy from Czec lines is holding a good wieght and not getting fat. I have noticed more energy, smaller waste, and less doggie breath. I switched brands after doing research on grain free foods. I am very pleased to be able to purchase this food in my area. And I thought the food i was feeding was premium, the price was but the ingredients were not. Again, kudo’s to you from two very happy GSD’s.

    • NutriSource

      We’re very happy to hear the great news!! We take great pride in our products and greatly appreciate your support! We hope everything continues to go well for you and your dogs!

      NutriSource Pet Foods

  3. Jackie Bergeron

    My dogs love your food but I really dislike the new packaging of the nutrisource chicken & rice.

  4. Dave Lyon

    I’ve been feeding Nutrisource for many years to my hunting dogs. A large reason is the 26/16 protein/fat content. I saw your new bag design today, but more importantly I saw the reduced weight volume. When I started feeding your product I believe the bags contained 40 lb. Over the intervening years you’ve been downsizing the bag while increasing the cost. I’d greatly prefer to bring home the larger bag. With regret, I will need to evaluate some of your competitors.

  5. Bruce Cobb

    We recently purchased a 15-lb. bag of the PureVita Grain-Free Chicken, and our 4 cats love it, even our finicky eater. I do have a question, however: at the top of the bag is a “zipper”, presumably for easier sealing and unsealing of the bag, but no visible way of actually opening the bag without destroying the zipper feature. Did you guys forget something?

  6. Terry

    The new packaging is nice looking, but it is almost impossible to cinch the bag closed.
    Why didn’t a built-in zipper come on it? It will be hard to keep fresh the way it is!
    Please fix.

  7. Tim essex

    Hello,All my dogs are doing well on your foods.I am currently feeding both the adult and puppy large breed chicken and rice formula.We purchase our food from Menards, and this is very convenient. My only complaint is about your change to plastic packaging.I do not know of any re-cycling options for these bags.I will try to include them in the bags I return to our local Meijer for thier bag re-cycling program.

  8. karen

    your new “Velcro Brand Press-Lok” is the best I’ve ever used. Lines up well, seals well, easy open. I’m impressed. This should be used on packaging for “people products”


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