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Do You Have a Story to Tell About Your Pet? (Blog #67)

May 19, 2020 | Blog, Guest Speakers

One of your pet’s stories could be heard on the Raising Your Paws Podcast.  I’ve started a new feature on the show – telling true, funny, scary, crazy or heartwarming stories about dogs and cats from pet parents and owners like you.  And you just might have the possibility of telling the story yourself on the podcast. If you’re too shy for that, I’ll tell your story -announcing that the story is yours and posting a photo of your soon-to-be admired pet. The way this will work is, I’ll pick a theme for the month, let you know what it is, by announcing it on the podcast, listing it here on the website and on our facebook page. (Yep, we’re going to be on facebook very soon.) And then, if you have a story that fits that theme, I’m inviting you to send me a brief description of it. I’ll be in contact and we’ll take it from there. The theme currently is, a dog or cat that did something that got you out of trouble or whose antics got you into a whole mess of trouble. If you have a story like this, send it to me at susan@raisingyourpaws.com.

In this week’s episode of Raising Your Paws, you’ll hear about a small dog, with big plans. Frank Pantell, tells the stories of how Paulie, the family dog, got him into trouble  – more than a few times.

Here are photos that go along with the story.

Paulie Pantell on Mother’s day. Looks so innocent.


Paulie, Noodle, and Larry at the office. Just waiting to make their break out the office door.


One of Paulie’s greatest skills. Opening bags of food.  He’s admiring his accomplishment before gobbling up the puffed rice.

Frank Pantell, the storyteller, with Paulie, a Cavapoo.

Big Announcement! You’ll now find Raising Your Paws on Facebook. 

There you’ll find lots of photos, fun videos, great tips and insights about the how’s, why’s and what to do’s about your pet’s behavior. Check it out and if you like it, please “like it” and leave your comments. (Should be live by either Tuesday, May 19 or Wednesday, May 20, 2020.)


Full Show Notes for Episode 67

Title: Add This Cancer Fighting Food to Your Dog’s Bowl & A trick for Getting a Pill into the Cat.

Children are always implored to eat their vegetables. There is someone else in your home that would benefit from eating some fresh veges -it’s your dog. Find out in this episode the one thing to add to your dog’s dinner bowl three times a week, that powers up their nutrition by adding micronutrients to their diet. Then I’ll tell you about the Purdue University study that suggests that the eating certain vegetables may prevent or slow the development of bladder cancer in certain dogs.

Next, as part of the new feature, telling true personal pet stories, you’ll hear pet parent, Frank Pantell, a podcast listener, tell you about his family’s dog, Paulie, who is rather small in size but always had big plans that got Frank into trouble.

Finally, do you have a hard time getting a pill into your cat? I explain one of the physiological reasons for this and offer a tip I was given by my vet that worked really well with my cat, Willie for 19 years. Just like I suggested for dogs in the first segment, here’s an easy way to add some extra nutrition to your cat’s daily diet that helps keep kitties intestines healthy.

Invitation for you!

Do you have any good stories about your pets? Let’s tell them on the podcast. The theme for this month’s stories are a pet that saved you from getting in some kind of trouble or one that actually got you in a heap of trouble. If you’ve got a story like this, send me a brief version:  susan@raisingyourpaws.com.


Additional Resources for the Show.

Resource for the story about feeding broccoli to dogs – “See Spot Live Longer” By Steve Brown and Beth Taylor.

Purdue University Urinary Bladder Cancer Research.

Frank Pantell’s Real Estate Business where Paulie worked (played).











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