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How NutriSource is Helping Our Planet

Jan 26, 2012 | Blog

NutriSource is making efforts to not only help our pets, but also our planet!

Our NutriSource food gives your four-legged friend more of the nutrition he needs in less food so that you buy less and there is less waste!

In addition, we have introduced “earth friendly” packaging to our NutriSource Pet Foods line. Your pet will enjoy the same great food on the inside while the outside has a new look that is more environmentally friendly!




  1. Zaundra


    I am trying to locate what the calcium phosophorus ratios of the NutriSource Lamb Meal & Rice Formula and the Lamb Meal Grain Free Formula are? Can I find this information out somewhere?

    • NutriSource


      Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-525-9155 and we will gladly help you find any information you need!

      NutriSource Pet Foods

  2. Melissa Lovejoy

    I just have to let you guys know that my Yorkshire Terrier’s love your chicken flavor dog food. Your kibble has been the only stuff my finicky female loves! I put it in her bowl and she eats it until the last piece of kibble is gone from her bowl.
    Thanks for creating a healthy and tasty kibble for my dogs.

    • NutriSource


      We greatly appreciate the support! We take great pride in our products and are thrilled that your Yorkshire Terrier’s are doing well on it!


      NutriSource Pet Foods

  3. Kathleen Alexander

    I buy your chicken catfood and my cats love it. One cat had digestion problems and this is food helped. The initial reason for choosing this food is the it was one of only a couple flavors I could find without fish. Feeding my cats a fish-free diet is important because these fish that are being taken to feed to cats are a critical part of the oceans’s ecosystem: Most of the fish fed to cats includes sardines, herring, anchovy and capelin, the same fish that provide the foundation for a food chain that supports the larger fish like cod, tuna, swordfish, as well as marine mammals and birds.

    Over the past few days, there have been reports that hundreds of malnourished, ill baby seal pups are washing up on California’s beaches. Washington, Oregon and Idaho has received a permit to kill approximately 100 California Sea Lions/per year over the next five years because they are assert they are eating too much of the endangered Salmon and Steelhead, fish that Lewis and Clark documented the sea lions were eating when they arrived–fish these marine mammals depend on for life. Yet, statistically these mammals eat only 1-4 percent of the fish while humans–recreational, tribal and commercial fishermen–are alloted 17 percent. (The Bonneville dam, pollution, non-native species from fish farms and global warming are also issues.)

    Cats eat 2.48 tons of fish globally and the small fish scooped out of the oceans for cat are literally the grass that the larger fish, seabirds and sea mammals graze and depend upon. Their mass exploitation has led directly to the crash of major fisheries.

    I hope you will do the research and perhaps be the leader in producing products that do not exploit the oceans fragility. I am including an article that I referenced that would be a good start if you decide to take this on. All nutrients from fish can be found in other sources because cats are not natural predators of fish. http://www.seashepherd.org/commentary-and-editorials/2008/10/23/aqua-cats-are-eating-the-oceans-207

    Thank-you for producing at least one flavor of catfood without fish. I hope you will take on the challenge to help change the trend of taking too much fish from the marined species that need it to put into catfood.

    Kathleen Alexander

  4. Great Dane Mom

    Are your grain-free dog foods also gluten free? I have a gluten intolerance and want to make sure that your food is safe for me to handle in the process of feeding my dogs.

    Thanks for your time and help on this!

    • nutriblogger

      Dear Great Dane Mom,

      Yes, our grain free dog foods are gluten free. Thank you for writing.


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