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NutriSource Top Dog Winner

Oct 21, 2013 | Blog

KLN Family Brands Announces Top Dog Winner

PERHAM, MINNESOTA, October 10, 2013 – KLN Family Brands is celebrating the tenth year of their super-premium line of dog and cat food, NutriSource.

To celebrate this milestone, NutriSource will have a fresh new package design, rolling out in January of 2014. Combining the anniversary with the package change, NutriSource wanted to honor the many pet parents who have supported the brand throughout the years. The number one seller, Adult Chicken and Rice, will do this by displaying the contest winner of the Next Top Dog.

The Next Top Dog was an online based contest where people could submit their favorite pet photographs to win a spot on the bag. Also included in the prize is a free supply of NutriSource pet food for a year.

The top five dogs were chosen from almost 800 entries in 37 states! The top five were then put online once again and the public had their chance to pick the number one dog. A Boykin Spaniel named Bruin from Lenoir City, Tennessee was chosen. He had a total of 629 votes, edging out second place by 136 votes.

KLN Family Brands is very happy with the results of the contest and is proud to have Bruin representing their brand for the next year.


CONTACT: Anna Rasmussen

Marketing Director

KLN Family Brands


  1. Cheryl Ouellette

    My cat loves your NutriSource Cat Food. I keep it in the original bag and put it in a paper bag and put all of that in a heavy plastic sealed container. I put this in my pantry with the door closed. My cat knows and I believe smells NutriSource Cat Food through all of this packaging and pantry. He tries to open the pantry door with his paw under the 1″ floor space at the door. I put a barrier in front of the door and he
    moves it. I give him fresh rendered meats with his nutrients and wheat grass in the
    morning. After he eats half of that he tries to get to the dry food from NutriSource.
    You may want to film him trying to get at the food in the pantry. When I take the
    container out of the pantry he sits beside it and does his biggest “MEOW” which is
    very low, and the expression on his face is that of a dire cat eating food for the first
    time. He is absolutely hilarious and this is a regular occurrence at our house.

  2. Lori Snidarich

    Just wanted to comment on what a great product you have. We adopted an 8 yr old rescue dog from Humane Society in October 2013. She was one of the dogs from the Pine River Kennels in Cass County (puppy mill). We were having problems with her scratching alot and found out she was allergic to chicken. Since we put her on the Bison/Sweet potato blend she has been a different dog. She has more energy and never leaves a piece in the bowl. She also likes the Salmon blend, too.

    • NutriSource

      Thank you for the kind words Lori, more importantly thank you for adopting your rescue dog. You truly did save a life, we’re very excited to hear that she is doing well on our products. Please let us know if you have any questions.

      NutriSource Pet Foods

  3. maria lowes

    Thank you for recommendations to lamb nutrisource for my 2 K9 girls I rescued one was left in a dirt lot. Princess a 3 year old german shepered Queensland mix and now I have a 7 month old german shepered. The food intake has gone down they seem happier and I am happy as well saving money while giving my girls the best . I recommending others to try it.

  4. Amy Parker

    Greetings 2 yrs ago we adopted a 14 wk old 30 pound
    Coonhound/Lab mix. We knew he was going to be
    A large dog and we wanted the best food for our
    Chester. Our vet recommended Nutrisource
    For lg breed pups. Well it’s 2 yrs now that we have
    Been feeding him Nutrisource and we get such
    Compliments on his shiny coat and his muscular
    Build. At Chester’s last vet visit I always dread
    The weight issue. The vet said he was perfect
    Weight a whopping 92 pounds. We always recommend
    Nutrisource to people who ask what brand. Thank you
    For having a HEALTHY food for our bot Chester.

  5. Kathy Lincoln

    Can I post a question??

    Are all your ingredients coming from the United States?

    • nutriblogger

      Dear Kathy,

      Here is a detailed answer to your question.

      We are a family owned company, having been in the dry pet food business for over 50 years. We produce and market all our brands in one plant in Perham, MN. We do not out source any of our dry pet foods.

      We use ingredients from the United States, mostly right here in the Upper Midwest, with the exception of the organic turkey, duck, and rabbit which are sourced from France, Lamb is sourced from New Zealand.

      The vitamins we use are sourced by an American company based in Asia. They take extreme measures to insure the purity of the vitamins. First, they have a warehouse in Asia where they source the vitamins from Asia and Europe. They are stored and tested for purity before being shipped into the USA. Furthermore, they use an NIR fingerprinting process to make sure the vitamins are pure and unadulterated. They also test specifically for melamine. After receiving them in their plant in IL they redo the testing again before they are blended to our specification’s. They also provide us with certification that they are pure and unadulterated with each shipment.

      Most “human grade” and feed grade vitamins are produced overseas with a good portion of them produced in Asia.

      Thank you for writing.

  6. kathleen

    Scanned the QR code on my bag to win a free bag of pet food. The link is broken. Doesn’t bring me any where. What are we missing?

    • nutriblogger

      Hi Kathleen,

      So sorry that you were experiencing difficulty and frustration. It wasn’t anything you were not doing. After checking, I discovered that the program ended. The QR code reader symbol has been taken off of all the bags now – but of course you had a bag with the code and it should have been active or let you know that the program had ended. Again, we apologize.

  7. Joan Conrad

    I am:
    Joan Conrad
    315 Crooked Stick Drive
    Alpharetta, GA 30004

    I emailed you earlier and the email got away from me before I was finished.

    Can you send me a sample of your kibbles, Lamb and Pea, for my toy poodle who is 6 years old and weighs five pounds? He just recently started to eat dry food. If possible, I would also like to have a sample of the Chicken and Pea. I will gladly pay for these samples but do not want to commit to a large supply that Zorro might refuse to eat.

    Thank you.

    Joan Conrad

    3rd Attempt

    I have no way of knowing whether you got my 2 previous emails or not. Please let me know.

    Joan Conrad

    • nutriblogger

      Hi Joan,

      Thank you for your persistence in writing. Please forgive the delay. I am just reading your messages today, Sept. 3. I write this blog on a part time basis as I do other additional work for the company. I would be happy to send you some samples. Just to clarify, do you want our grain free samples or the ones with grains? (of course there is no corn, wheat or soy in the ones with grains) No need for payment. We provide free samples for all of our dealers as standard practice, so I’ll just pop some in the mail for you. 🙂

      Again, thank you for writing.


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