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Tuffy’s Pet Foods: Celebrating 50 years. Where We Got Our Name.

Jun 6, 2014 | Blog

Tuffy's Pet Foods Office, Perham, MN.

Tuffy’s Pet Foods (makers of NutriSource, Pure Vita, Natural Planet Organics and Natural Planet pet foods) is owned by the Nelson Family of Perham, Minnesota. Where’s Perham? It’s about three hours north of Minneapolis. The family owns their own manufacturing plant and all the dry dog and cat food is made right there and only there in their plant.

It’s a third generation family business. Darrell Nelson started it all. Darrell had his son Kenny and Kenny had Charlie. Kenny and Charlie run the business today.

When Darrell was 12 years old, one day he was playing high up in a tree. A group of older boys were walking by, when all of a sudden, Darrell fell out of that tree, crashing through the branches and hitting the ground. Well, you can imagine the startled response of those passing boys – to say nothing of how Darrell must have felt. But, no matter how hurt Darrell might have been, he must have picked himself up, shook off the leaves and twigs, and said, I’m fine, I’m fine…… because right there on that day, he was given the nickname, “Tuffy.”

Even as an adult, he was known as Tuffy Nelson.

Darrell "Tuffy" Nelson.

More about the family next time…..


  1. Angela McLean

    Wow! I would have never guessed Tuffy was a nickname for the owner who started this company. That is really awesome and fun to know. 🙂 Bravo to the family for making all of their food locally and not sourcing it out. I look forward to reading more about the family next time you post.

  2. maria lowes

    My newest member and oldest thank u this has been the best change. They are growing strong appear happier and coat shining more less waste. Thank you I will continue to use nutrisource and recommend others to try it so far I convinced 2 friends.


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