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Why Small Dogs May Need Boots In Winter.

Dec 26, 2017 | Blog

In this week’s podcast (Dec. 26 – episode 6) I shared what it is about medium to large sized dog breeds,  that allows them to walk in the snow during winter without a lot of discomfort.  It has to do with them inheriting the trait that wolves have, that protects their feet from freezing, in the cold climates where they live. Wolves do not come with UGG boots after all.  Listen to episode 6 to find out what the really cool trait your dog has.

The reason the smaller dogs may need some additional protection from the cold is that through the specialized breeding that has created them, the adaptation that protects the wolves feet, has been lessened or lost.

I’m talking about the designer dogs, the pocket pet dogs, the ones that are slightly larger than a rodent but smaller than a cat. You know, the rat dogs, now don’t get offended……… there is a breed called a rat terrier.

That’s a guinea pig in the middle. I don’t know what happened to its fur either.

These miniatures are cute…….but don’t have the insulation in their coats or the heating system in their feet that the big dogs have. So they may need some extra help from you. Don’t let anyone tease you about putting that purple wool coat and matching fleece booties on your small dog when you take it outside in cold weather. You are doing right by it.


Look at these designer dog names!

Chorkie Chihuahua and Yorkie
Daug Dachshund and Pug
Doxie-Poo Dachshund and Poodle
Foodle Fox Terrier and Poodle
Jack-a-Poo Jack Russell and Poodle
Malti-Poo Maltese and Poodle
Morkie Maltese and Yorkie
Pug-a-Poo Pug and Poodle
Puggat Pug and Rat Terrier
Pugston Pug and Boston Terrier
Pugshire Pug and Yorkshire Terrier
Puginese Pug and Pekinese
Schoodle Scotty and Poodle
Shih-pooh Shih-Tzu and Poodle
(Really? Say it out loud, you know what it sounds like…..that’s just not right… and anyway it’s redundant)

A Shih-Poo.
Looks like it resents its name.











Poor poodles, how did this breed get picked on to help create all these new dogs?  Oh, I can guess, probably because the “poo” part make funny names.

Resources for Raising Your Paws Podcast, Episode 6

Here’s a particularly useful article about frostbite for your pets I like to refer to when I’m teaching my pet first aid classes.  It’s good because it tells you some of the signs to look for, what to do and NOT to do, before you take your pet to the vet – which you will – immediately – if you suspect frostbite.


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  1. Marcia Fine

    Really like the content since you started up with the new blog.

    And the podcast is great!

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    Other content online cannot measure up to the work you have put out here. Your insight on this subject has convinced me of many of the points you have expressed. This is great unique writing.

    • NutriSource

      We are glad you are enjoying the blog. Thank you.

  3. Melissa Hazlett

    Wow you have made a really good point. I didn’t realize with making special breeds that this could change their protectiveness over there paws. Especially for smaller dogs. I just thought people were doing because they were cute. I am glad to know now that this is a must. I will be doing this come winter. Thank you for opening my eyes to this.


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