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cat and dog playing

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Welcome to Raising Your Paws!

Podcast & Blog

Live More Happily Together by Knowing:
HOW your pets communicate.
WHY they behave the way they do.
WHAT to do in caring for the canine and feline members of your family.

Susan and her dog Rosy

Susan and Rosy

Latest Episode & Companion Blog Post

How to Prevent Your Dog From Antifreeze Poisoning. (Blog #83)

How to Prevent Your Dog From Antifreeze Poisoning. (Blog #83)

When A Dog's Sweet Tooth And Cars Collide. Dogs like sweet things. They have taste buds that detect sugars just like we do. You can hear all about cats and dogs taste buds and what they taste compared to you, in the first segment, "How Good are Pet's Taste Buds" in the Raising Your Paws podcast episode you'll find below. Does your dog like watermelon and blueberries like my dog Rosy does?  I...

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