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Raising Your Paws on TCL

TCL - Twin Cities LiveRaising Your Paws will be featured in several upcoming segments on Twin Cities Live on KSTP TV. As the segments are released, they will be shared here…

6/7/21: Summer Weather with Pets

4/29/21: Weird Pet Behaviors Explained

3/24/21: Adding a Second Dog to the Family

2/22/21: Feline Facts and Food

1/26/21: Winter Pet Care

12/23/20: Exercising Your Pet in Winter

11/17/20: Pets and Holidays

10/23/20: Pumpkin Treats for Dogs

9/23/20: Socializing Your Puppy

8/28/20: Pet Adoption Advice

Companion Blog: Top Two Things to Do With Newly Adopted Pets

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